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My interview with James Swallow is finally online over at Unreality SF.

In it we talk about his recent Star Trek novel Cast No Shadow, his work
in the Warhammer 40K universe, his involvement with the Deus Ex Human
Revolution and more.

Regarding her lack of appearances elsewhere, James is “not sure why
it is other writers didn’t tackle her – apart from a single comic book
story, she doesn’t appear anywhere else – but I always found her
compelling. The reason I chose to write a story that filled in Valeris’s
past and carried her beyond her last on-screen moments was because I
was intrigued by the central mystery of her – what would make a Vulcan
take part in a conspiracy on the scale of the one in STVI?”
You can find the full interview here.


Also online now is my review of Keith R.A. DeCandido's ( [ profile] kradical) The Scattered Earth novel Guilt in Innocence.

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My interview with Greg Cox is now online over at Unreality SF.

We talked about his recently released Warehouse 13 novel A Touch of Fever, his upcoming TOS novel The Rings of Time, his canceled Star Trek (2009) novel The Hazard of Concealing and more.

Greg’s next project, which he is actually “about halfway through writing” just as we’re doing this interview, is the Star Trek: The Original Series novel The Rings of Time, a “time-travel novel involving Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher and Earth’s first manned mission to Saturn (as mentioned in the old TOS episode Tomorrow is Yesterday.) Shaun Christopher appears briefly in my Eugenics Wars books and I always meant to get back to him someday. It’s also very much a Kirk novel. Probably a good half of the book is told from his POV.”
You can read the full interview here.


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My interview with Corps of Engineers alumnus Aaron Rosenberg is now online over at Unreality SF.

In it we talk about his recent Eureka tie-in novels Substitution Method and Road Less Traveled, his contributions to the original Scattered Earth series and more.

As a result, Aaron has contributed two of the three novels published so far: the very first, Substitution Method,and the most recent, Roads Less Traveled. “Substitution Method takes place between Seasons Three and Four and involves a strange and spreading phenomenon – houses are vanishing from town and being replaced by other houses from other cities!” Aaron explains. “This creates a number of problems, starting with the question of how to prevent the whole town from disappearing. But Eureka’s entire existence is highly classified, so having Eureka residents appear elsewhere and non-Eurekans show up in town is a major security breach! Sheriff Jack Carter heads out of town with Henry to locate the missing dwellings, and both his visiting sister Lexi and Deputy Jo Lupo help with those as well. Meanwhile, Zoe and Fargo make an unlikely team as they try to corral the unexpected visitors, and Allison and Zane work to find out what’s causing the problem in the first place.”
You can read the full interview here.
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My interview with David A. McIntee is now online over at Unreality SF. In it we talk about his recent The Next Generation novel Indistinguishable from Magic, his previous Trek works, his upcoming non-Fiction book about Blake's 7 and more.

Indistinguishable from Magic is the first novel set after the Typhon Pact miniseries, and David explains that it’s “about Geordi joining Scotty on the U.S.S. Challenger, to investigate how a ship that couldn’t exist does exist. Guinan is also along, for reasons of her own, and a variety of familiar characters are also on the mission, including Nog, who is a member of the Challenger’s crew. As they go along, the things they’ll discover will revisit some loose ends and give Geordi some development.”

He also reveals that while Indistinguishable from Magic is “fairly standalone”, the Typhon Pact novels had an impact on the novel. “The presence of one guest character had to be tweaked at the copy edit stage to follow on from one of the Typhon Pact books, and obviously Geordi’s relationship from Paths of Disharmony had to be taken into account.”
You can read the full interview here.
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My interview with Dayton Ward is now online over at Unreality SF.

In it we talk about his latest novel, Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony, the state of the Star Trek Universe post-Destiny, the two upcoming Vanguard books and his original endeavors.

How far ahead is the future of Vanguard planned out at the moment? “David Mack’s next book, which will follow ours sometime in 2012, has been plotted from a general, high-level standpoint,” Dayton tells us. “In the past, Kevin and I largely did our own thing, working with the editor to plot our own books, while Dave did the same for his books. We shared info back and forth, of course, just to make sure we weren’t stepping on any toes. With the sixth and seventh novels, there’s been a lot more communication and shared brainstorming as we helped each other to develop the overall plots for both books. Based on the conversations Dave and Kevin and I have been having over the past year or so, we know most of the major beats and how his book will end. What hasn’t yet been determined is how he’ll navigate all the wickets from beginning to end. Knowing Dave, I expect it will be quite the ride. As for what might happen after that? That’s another discussion to be had down the road.”
You can read the interview here. Please note that the first few paragraphs of the interview contain spoiler for Paths of Disharmony. If you want to avoid spoilers for Paths of Disharmony please click here to jump to the non-spoilerish parts of the interview.

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In my monthly To Do - Lists I always mention a tentative list of potential interviewees, and I figured I could share it here and ask which of those you want to happen and maybe if you have additional suggestions (I guess now I'll find out if there are still people reading this journal).

In my personal list I also have potential dates, but here I'll only list the names and potential topics.. Keep in mind: This is just a list of potential interviews, there's no guarantee that they'll really happen (as most people on this list don't know about their "luck" yet ;) ).

List of potential interviewees )
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My interview with Steve Mollmann and Michael Schuster is now online over at Unreality SF.

Among other things we talk about their short novel Tear of Eridanus, recently released in Myriad Universes: Shattered Light, their debut novella The Future Begins and their upcoming Original Series novel A Choice of Catastrophes.

A Choice of Catastrophes is “set in early 2268, so smack-dab in the middle of the original series,” as Michael discloses. “The main character is Doctor McCoy, and he has one entire thread almost to himself, whereas Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the landing party have to share theirs,” in which “they get enough danger and action to make up for it.”

Getting a bit more into the specifics of the book’s narrative, he adds that “while McCoy has to find a way to save the lives of a handful of people that have inexplicably fallen into a coma as well as the lives of everybody aboard the Enterprise when the ship is threatened by a destructive space phenomenon, Kirk et al. are exploring a mysterious planet that seems abandoned by the civilisation it was once inhabited by. What they discover is a terrible crime in progress, and they will need all their skills to put a stop to it and capture the perpetrators before they escape.
You can read the full interview here.
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My newest article is online at Unreality SF now.

In it I talk to long-time S.C.E. / CoE contributors Keith R.A. DeCandido, Kevin Dilmore, David Mack and Dayton Ward about S.C.E., from its beginnings to its hiatus, and the chances for its future.

And since John Ordover has taken over the site we will release it as a trilogy. ;)

Just kidding, but the final article came up a tad long, so we have decided to release it in three chunks over the course of this week. Today the first part was released:

Among the first to learn about the series outside of Pocket Books itself was Kevin Dilmore, then writing for Star Trek-related magazines and websites, who was to become one of the most regular contributors to the series along with writing partner Dayton Ward. “In the summer of 2000, John Ordover, who then was executive editor of the Star Trek line at Pocket Books, had talked to me several times about his projects in my capacity as a contributing writer for Star Trek Communicator magazine as well as for,” he recalls. “He asked whether I wanted to break an exclusive story about an agreement between Simon & Schuster and Microsoft that would result in a monthly series of original fiction in eBook format.”
You can find the full first part of the article here.


Also online now:

My review of the Star Trek antholgy Seven Deadly Sins.

"Overall, Seven Deadly Sins is a very solid anthology. There's only one story which is really sub-par and one story which is the epitome of mediocrity, but all the other stories are decent to good. Maybe a real home-run is missing, and sometimes the race-sin ties are somewhat superficial, but I would have no problem to recommend this anthology to anyone seeking for a bunch of entertaining shorter Star Trek stories."

You can read the full review here.
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My interview with Joe Schreiber, author of Supernatural: The Unholy Cause and Star Wars: Death Troopers is now online over at Unreality SF.

Joe’s The Unholy Cause, released a few days ago, is the second Supernatural novel published this year (after Keith R.A. DeCandido’s Heart of the Dragon) and it leads the Winchesters right into the past - well, sort of. “The brothers head down south and find themselves in the middle of a good old fashioned demon-infested Civil War re-enactment,” Joe explains, “complete with real working weapons, ancient occult artifacts and Southern rock. Castiel shows up, things get nasty and by the end Sam and Dean are dealing with a runaway train, a supernatural Gatling gun that runs on blood and a smoking hot female sheriff named Jackie Daniels… and not everybody makes it out alive.”

Often the villains and monsters from the series are based on old fairy tales, oral traditions or myths, so what was the basis for the Winchester’s counterparts in The Unholy Cause? “My personal brand of demons are called Collectors,” Joe reveals, “and they work for Judas Iscariot, summoned back up from the pit by the rediscovery of the actual noose that he used to hang himself. So it’s pretty Biblical, actually, which makes it all the scarier.”

You can read more here.
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Just in time for the release of Star Trek Online: The Needs of the Many I had the opportunity to interview Michael A. Martin about the first STO tie-in, his work on the post finale Enterprise novels and his upcoming return to the Star Trek: Titan series for

The Needs of the Many isn’t a book about timelines or continuity. Nor does it present a blow-by-blow account of the Undine War that had such a profound effect on the lives of the various interviewees - Jake assumes his 25th Century audience doesn’t need any lessons in basic history. Instead, it’s a collection of slice-of-life accounts that reveals how each of Jake’s interview subjects was tested by the war. It’s a book about the unique sacrifices each person had to make during the conflict. It was this theme of sacrifice that inspired the book’s title.”
You can read the full interview here.
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Just in time for Unreality SF's second birthday there's another new interview online, this time with S.D. Perry and Britta Burdett Dennison.

In the interview we talk about Star Trek: Inception, their 2009 Wonder Woman novelisation, Britta's solo debut Freedom Angst in the Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins anthology and how their collaboration works.

Given that information, it sounds as if Inception is the same S.D. Perry-written Carol Marcus novel which was rumoured quite a few years ago. Is that the case? “That’d be the same one,” Danelle confirms. “The book was written about the same time that the new movie script was being passed around. Knowing that the book and the new movie were both set prior to TOS, our editor decided that it would be best to wait and see if there were contradictions that needed to be addressed. Marco has since left Pocket, and the acting editor felt that the book and movie were different enough that it would be kosher to publish.”
You can read the full interview here.
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My new interview with Keith R.A. DeCandido is now online over at Unreality SF. Concerning Star Trek we talked about The Unhappy Ones, his novella in the Seven Deadly Sins anthology, and his Alien Spotlight comic Klingons: Four Thousand Throats...

A little teaser about the Seven Deadly Sins story:

“In the 23rd century, the workers in a mine engage in civil unrest after two murders,” says Keith, giving us a short teaser for the story. “A QuchHa' (no forehead ridges) is murdered, but it's ruled an accident with little investigation; in retaliation, the HemQuch (with forehead ridges) who likely killed the QuchHa' is also murdered, but his killer is condemned to death. This leads to riots and violence beyond the capaibility of the mine supervisor and his security chief to handle, so the Klingon Defense Force sends in three QuchHa' captains to deal with it: Kor, Kang, and Koloth.”
Beside that we also talked about his upcoming Supernatural novel Heart of the Dragon, his Starcraft: Ghost Academy manga, and his work on the Farscape comic line.

You can find the full interview here.
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My new interview with David Mack is now online over at

The main focus is Star Trek Vanguard - there's discussion of the recently-released Precipice, and talk about the series' future - but the conversation also takes in the forthcoming Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game and Mirror Universe: The Sorrows of Empire.

David also talks about More Beautiful Than Death, his 2010 followup to this year's Star Trek movie...

"The Enterprise crew is ordered to escort Ambassador Sarek to a dilithium-rich planet called Akiron, which has sent out a planetary distress signal. When the Enterprise crew reaches Akiron, they find that the planet is under siege by dark-energy creatures that some of the planet’s more religious denizens believe are demons. In short order, one calamity after another puts our heroes in jeopardy. Sarek begins trying to pull diplomatic rank so he can pull the plug on the mission, and young Captain Kirk must fend off this unexpected challenge to his still-fragile command authority.

As Kirk sinks himself, his crew, and his ship deeper into danger with each passing minute, he finds his own beliefs in a rational universe challenged by a mystic who insists it’s no coincidence that has brought Kirk to Akiron but rather the alien equivalent of a Karmic debt. Meanwhile, one of Sarek’s young Vulcan aides has a sinister agenda - and its chief objective appears to be the cold-blooded murder of Spock."

Read the interview in full here.


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