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My interview with James Swallow is finally online over at Unreality SF.

In it we talk about his recent Star Trek novel Cast No Shadow, his work
in the Warhammer 40K universe, his involvement with the Deus Ex Human
Revolution and more.

Regarding her lack of appearances elsewhere, James is “not sure why
it is other writers didn’t tackle her – apart from a single comic book
story, she doesn’t appear anywhere else – but I always found her
compelling. The reason I chose to write a story that filled in Valeris’s
past and carried her beyond her last on-screen moments was because I
was intrigued by the central mystery of her – what would make a Vulcan
take part in a conspiracy on the scale of the one in STVI?”
You can find the full interview here.


Also online now is my review of Keith R.A. DeCandido's ( [ profile] kradical) The Scattered Earth novel Guilt in Innocence.

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Aug. 4th, 2011 09:14 pm
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Two of my reviews have been posted over at Unreality in the last week:

One for Star Trek: Voyager: Children of the Storm by Kirsten Beyer, and one for Keith R.A. DeCandido' s ( [ profile] kradical  ) original Fantasy novel Unicorn Precinct.

I know I haven't been really active here and possibly forgot to link to some reviews, but I have to admit that I'm kind of fed up with Live Journal's lack of stability.

So if you really want to keep up-to-date with not only my contributions, but also Steve Mollmann's ([ profile] steve_mollmann ) audio play reviews please consider to follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.

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My newest article is online at Unreality SF now.

In it I talk to long-time S.C.E. / CoE contributors Keith R.A. DeCandido, Kevin Dilmore, David Mack and Dayton Ward about S.C.E., from its beginnings to its hiatus, and the chances for its future.

And since John Ordover has taken over the site we will release it as a trilogy. ;)

Just kidding, but the final article came up a tad long, so we have decided to release it in three chunks over the course of this week. Today the first part was released:

Among the first to learn about the series outside of Pocket Books itself was Kevin Dilmore, then writing for Star Trek-related magazines and websites, who was to become one of the most regular contributors to the series along with writing partner Dayton Ward. “In the summer of 2000, John Ordover, who then was executive editor of the Star Trek line at Pocket Books, had talked to me several times about his projects in my capacity as a contributing writer for Star Trek Communicator magazine as well as for,” he recalls. “He asked whether I wanted to break an exclusive story about an agreement between Simon & Schuster and Microsoft that would result in a monthly series of original fiction in eBook format.”
You can find the full first part of the article here.


Also online now:

My review of the Star Trek antholgy Seven Deadly Sins.

"Overall, Seven Deadly Sins is a very solid anthology. There's only one story which is really sub-par and one story which is the epitome of mediocrity, but all the other stories are decent to good. Maybe a real home-run is missing, and sometimes the race-sin ties are somewhat superficial, but I would have no problem to recommend this anthology to anyone seeking for a bunch of entertaining shorter Star Trek stories."

You can read the full review here.
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My review of Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon is now online at Unreality SF.

"Overall an entertaining novel that conveys the Supernatural feel very well, despite the fact that two thirds of the novel actually don’t feature (much of) the boys, who are inarguably the cornerstones of the TV show. So if this novel proves one thing, it's that the Supernatural series can do well without them once in a while, and I for one would like to see a full novel focusing on the Campbells, preferably written by Keith R.A. DeCandido."

You can read the full review here.

Also online :

My review of the expanded version of David Mack's Mirror Universe: The Sorrows of Empire

"Overall The Sorrows of the Empire is a very well-written account of the fall of the Terran Empire at the hands of Spock, and well worth a look even for people who have already read the short novel in Glass Empires."

Read the full review here.

P.S.: I know I already have linked to the The Sorrows of Empire review a few days ago, but I needed a link with both links in it for my Trek BBS sig. ;)
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My new interview with Keith R.A. DeCandido is now online over at Unreality SF. Concerning Star Trek we talked about The Unhappy Ones, his novella in the Seven Deadly Sins anthology, and his Alien Spotlight comic Klingons: Four Thousand Throats...

A little teaser about the Seven Deadly Sins story:

“In the 23rd century, the workers in a mine engage in civil unrest after two murders,” says Keith, giving us a short teaser for the story. “A QuchHa' (no forehead ridges) is murdered, but it's ruled an accident with little investigation; in retaliation, the HemQuch (with forehead ridges) who likely killed the QuchHa' is also murdered, but his killer is condemned to death. This leads to riots and violence beyond the capaibility of the mine supervisor and his security chief to handle, so the Klingon Defense Force sends in three QuchHa' captains to deal with it: Kor, Kang, and Koloth.”
Beside that we also talked about his upcoming Supernatural novel Heart of the Dragon, his Starcraft: Ghost Academy manga, and his work on the Farscape comic line.

You can find the full interview here.


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