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My interview with Joe Schreiber, author of Supernatural: The Unholy Cause and Star Wars: Death Troopers is now online over at Unreality SF.

Joe’s The Unholy Cause, released a few days ago, is the second Supernatural novel published this year (after Keith R.A. DeCandido’s Heart of the Dragon) and it leads the Winchesters right into the past - well, sort of. “The brothers head down south and find themselves in the middle of a good old fashioned demon-infested Civil War re-enactment,” Joe explains, “complete with real working weapons, ancient occult artifacts and Southern rock. Castiel shows up, things get nasty and by the end Sam and Dean are dealing with a runaway train, a supernatural Gatling gun that runs on blood and a smoking hot female sheriff named Jackie Daniels… and not everybody makes it out alive.”

Often the villains and monsters from the series are based on old fairy tales, oral traditions or myths, so what was the basis for the Winchester’s counterparts in The Unholy Cause? “My personal brand of demons are called Collectors,” Joe reveals, “and they work for Judas Iscariot, summoned back up from the pit by the rediscovery of the actual noose that he used to hang himself. So it’s pretty Biblical, actually, which makes it all the scarier.”

You can read more here.
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My review of Joe Schreiber's Star Wars novel Death Troopers is now online at Unreality SF.


"Overall, Death Troopers probably isn’t the most thought-provoking book I’ve ever read, but it does everything I guess it is supposed to do: provide the reader with a few hours of horror, suspense and entertainment. Would I have liked the novel to have a little more meat on its bones? Sure, but I certainly don’t regret to have made this jump into Star Wars literature and look forward to Schreiber’s upcoming Supernatural novel The Unholy Cause..."


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