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Do you regularly read media tie-in books or comics and/or listen to audio plays?

Do you want to tell the world what you think about them?

Then please drop us a line if you’d like to write for Unreality SF. Now that it doesn’t take ten years to post an update, we wouldn’t mind having a few more people contributing.

You can find the contact info here.



The nomination period for the Unreality SF Story of the Year poll is still running. If you haven't done so yet, please nominate your three favorite media tie-in stories of the last twelve months here.

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A lot has happened since my last update:

First, my review of David Mack's Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game is online.

"Zero Sum Game is a well-written novel, no doubt about that, but in my opinion the reader has to accept one thing at face value from the start to really be able to appreciate it in the end: that Sarina Douglas is the love of Bashir’s life and he really believes that she is his soulmate. If you are not able to accept that with the little exposure she had on the show and in other novels, you probably will have a hard time accepting some of the things Bashir does in the later parts of the novel."

You can read the full review here.

If you have followed the link you will have noticed that the site has changed, learn more about the reasons for the change and what's new here.

And for the third year in a row Unreality SF is searching for the media tie-in story of the year. Nominate your favorite three stories of the last twelve months now. You can find more specific information and the link to the nomination form here.

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The result of the Story of the Year Poll 2009/2010 is online now.

Quote: "After two weeks of nominating, voting, unexpected campaigns on LiveJournal, attempts from naughty people to rig the result, our discovery of a series called iCarly (it sounds charming), and really bad jokes about the word "pulp", the second Story of the Year Poll is over!"

The results can be found here.
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The Story of the Year Poll's second birthday is fast approaching, and just like last year, we're marking the occasion with a poll to choose the best TV tie-in story of the last 12 months.

From today (Monday 1st March) until the weekend (Sunday 7th March), you can nominate your favourite stories. (The ten which receive the most nominations will form the final shortlist, and voting for the winner will then open on Monday 8th March.)

  1. You can nominate up to three prose, audio, or comic stories based on or related to a TV series. No bloody Dan Brown.
  2. You can vote for individual stories only, not whole anthologies or series comprising a number of stories.
  3. The stories must have been released between the beginning of March 2009 and the end of February 2010.
  4. They also have to be new releases, not reprints of things that were available in another form before that period.
  5. Non-fiction's fine as long as it tells a story, so making-ofs and autobiographies are eligible but encyclopedias are not.
  6. Nominate once only. The form will keep an eye on IPs, and multiple votes will not counted (and will make us MAD).


If you have specific questions, get in touch, and we'll try to respond as soon as possible.

You can nominate your favorites here.


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